U.S. and Global Data Privacy

With new legislation and laws changing rapidly, our team can assess your company's activities to help you be prepared to comply with applicable laws and regulations. We identify your key areas of risk related to GDPR, CCPA, the MA Data Protection Law, and other privacy laws and provide an assessment and action plan for compliance readiness.

Compliance with these regulations requires companies to navigate a complex landscape of changing laws and regulations. The consequences of not complying are significant. Our team can help you assess your risk and establish an action plan for to map, remediate, and maintain compliance.

Our U.S and global privacy services include:

Comprehensive Review

Our team takes a comprehensive approach that takes into account your companies present and future operations. We work with you to take into account:

  • The nature and location of your company’s data
  • Key legal, regulatory and industry requirements
  • Internal resources
  • Contractual obligations
  • Key risks to data privacy
  • Privacy principles

Compliance Readiness Assessment

We review documents and interview key stakeholders to determine the full range of programs and activities within the company that deal with the collection or use of personal data.

We work across business units and departments to understand how different parts of your business deal with privacy matters.


Companies are often challenged to understand the full undertaking of a complete privacy assessment. Our assessments look at policies, vendor documents, consent and authorization templates, and training materials across all departments.

Phased Approach

Our team understands that navigating U.S. and global privacy laws is time consuming and overwhelming. After our assessment is completed, we present our findings and recommendations using a phased approach that takes into account your most significant risks. We give you a map that includes key action items and achievable goals that take into account your ideal timeline.


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