The PLS product suite provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining compliance with regulations governing marketing and sales activity in the life sciences industry. That’s true no matter what the source of law—state regulations, federal regulations, or the law of 46 different countries worldwide. Across all of these jurisdictions, our products help compliance teams and legal professionals manage:

  • Compliance research and analysis
  • U.S. and global transparency reporting
  • High-risk engagements

Compliance solutions from consultants come with a high price tag, extended implementation time, and minimal post-implementation support. Not with Porzio Life Sciences. Our software comes ready to install and can be be configured quickly to meet your needs. And our team supports you long afterwards. Each of our products are:

  • Easy to implement
  • Configurable
  • Cloud-based, accessible anywhere
  • Secure

Our solutions are all fully supported after implementation by a dedicated team of compliance experts—live, on call, and never outsourced.

Porzio Compliance Digest®

Our original flagship product is the “Library of Congress” for life sciences regulation, providing daily updates on laws, regulations, and agency activity relating to:

  • Transparency and limitations
  • International transparency
  • Distribution: Trade and sample
  • HCP authorities and restrictions
  • FDA Office of Prescription Drug Promotion violations
  • FDA PDMA inspections
  • Government prosecutions

Porzio Global Spend Transparency

There’s a reason why 20% of all records submitted to CMS Open Payments come from Porzio Life Sciences’ transparency software. Our newest U.S. and global transparency product, Porzio GST, is the only transparency reporting solution that aggregates data across jurisdictions and business units. Porzio GST is “built from the law,” allowing customers to:

  • Track, oversee, and report U.S. and global transactions;
  • Integrate real-time monitoring of ever-changing transparency laws in the U.S. and around the world into your reporting process; and
  • Use this integrated knowledge to ensure that your reports are compliant with current law in all applicable jurisdictions.

Whether you are reporting in just the United States or more than 40 countries worldwide, our customers receive the support of a dedicated team of on-call regulatory experts.


Porzio Third-Party Engagement

Seamlessly manage relationships with "HCPs" and other high-risk parties through Porzio Third-Party Engagement. With built-in compliance guidance continuously updated to reflect the current state of laws and regulations, Porzio Third-Party Engagement lets you plan speaking events, conferences, and more with confidence. Our user-friendly, mobile-ready interface features:

  • Regulatory data integration
  • Tiering and FMV integration
  • Cross-border notifications
  • Expert background checks
TPE Dashboard

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