Porzio Third-Party Engagement

Porzio Third-Party Engagement allows life sciences companies to seamlessly manage their third-party engagements. “Built from the law,” it is continuously updated to reflect current laws and regulations.

Manage High-Risk Engagements

With Porzio Third-Party Engagement, life sciences companies can efficiently and effectively manage any type activity with HCP and other high-risk parties—speaker events, advisory boards, virtual conferences, and more. Thoughtfully designed with mobile functionality, clear approval processes, and automated workflows, Porzio Third-Party Engagement features the same ease of implementation and configurability you expect from us.

Regulatory Data Integration

Powered by Porzio Compliance Digest, the industry’s only comprehensive digest of regulations affecting marketing and sales in life sciences, Porzio Third-Party Engagement integrates more than 70,000 data points from global regulations. Changing laws and regulations are updated in real time to help submitters make more informed decisions.

Product Integration

Best-in-class integrations with standard connectors to more than 100 products and integration to any legacy ecosystem.

Tiering and FMV Integration

Includes built-in tiering and FMV approval workflows using client-specific questionnaires and processes. All expert data and associated FMV values are stored and maintained on the backend of Porzio Third-Party Engagement.

Cross-border Notifications

When engaging experts outside their country of practice, Porzio Third-Party Engagement generates an automatic notification to the country lead for approval.

Expert Background Checks

Porzio Third-Party Engagement automates background checks facilitated by the Federal OIG LEIE database. Our product notifies users during the FMV nomination phase if an expert falls on the OIG debarment list, a feature critical in avoiding CMP liability.




Years of HCP compliance experience


Embedded global regulatory data points


Best in class integrations to products and legacy ecosystems

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