Porzio Price Transparency Reporting

Porzio Price Transparency Reporting provides life sciences companies with everything needed to manage all aspects of state reporting requirements for drug pricing. 

Manage, model, and receive alerts on required drug price reporting in one end-to-end solution

• Determine state reporting requirements

• Model pricing scenarios

• Immediate notification of required price reports


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Understand Price Transparency Reporting Obligations

  • Integration with Porzio Compliance Digest for access to all current and upcoming state transparency laws and impending state regulations
  • Automatic determination of applicability based on your NDCs and state-specific criteria 
  • Year-of-year documentation of product pricing changes with the ability to export the data for internal use 
  • Ability to view and export calculations used for your product to determine eligibility 
  • Status tracking of reporting obligations 


Model Drug Price Changes

Model drug WAC price to understand the impact of pricing changes on your reporting obligations

Manage Your Product Portfolio

Easy to manage product portfolio to include existing and new to market products


Creation, submission, and tracking of all statutory reports


Years of HCP compliance experience


Embedded global regulatory data points


Best in class integrations to products and legacy ecosystems

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