Global Application of the Sunshine Act's Reporting Requirements

September 24, 2013

In this course, Brian Sharkey will discuss this trend toward more transparency in ex-US countries and  highlight some of the global “hot spots” where transparency laws or industry codes have been enacted. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Recognize the trend toward more transparency in ex-US countries
  • Identify the key themes and issues in laws and codes being passed in ex-US countries
  • Comprehend the strides taken by European Industry groups to achieve greater transparency
  • Navigate the laws passed in France, Slovakia, Portugal, and Denmark
  • Digest new pharmaceutical industry codes and reporting requirements for HCPs and HCOs in Europe
  • Uncover trends in the Pacific Rim and other regions of the world with respect to transparency.

To watch the webinar, please click the video below:

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that laws are constantly changing and the content of materials on this website may not reflect their current status. 

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