PLS Webinar: State Drug Price Transparency Laws: Anticipating Reporting Responsibilities and Making Sure Your Company is Prepared

August 30, 2021

By Porzio Life Sciences

Drug pricing transparency bills continue to be introduced across the country and will have an impact on prescription drug prices. At least 25 states have passed legislation that requires manufacturers to defend drug prices by disclosing expenses incurred on research, manufacturing, marketing, and various other costs. Many remaining states are following suit with proposed legislation, or by establishing boards with the authority to set upper payment limits on products or assess fines on manufacturers who raise prices above a certain threshold.

Join Porzio Life Sciences® for a complimentary webinar on these fast-evolving drug price transparency laws. 

This hour-long session will review some of the current price transparency statutes and regulations and provide a roundup of some of the newest laws that have come into effect in the last year, including key dates to be aware of.


  • Wednesday, September 15th at 11:00 am ET 

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