PorzioLS Launches New Government Prosecutions Database

December 10, 2010

As you may know, the Porzio Compliance Digest, or PCD, tracks state and federal laws, regulations and pending legislation affecting life sciences marketing and sales compliance.  Available through annual subscription, PCD provides details on drug and device distribution, mid-level prescriptive authority, requirements for the reporting of expenditures related to healthcare providers, and PDMA inspections.  To ensure that subscribers receive the most current and accurate information, Porzio Life Sciences' dedicated regulatory team monitors the legal landscape on a daily basis and incorporates relevant changes into PCD.

In light of increased government scrutiny of life sciences organizations, Porzio Life Sciences is proud to release the Government Prosecutions Database, which outlines actions against companies that have allegedly violated Anti-Kickback laws, FDA regulations, the PDMA, and/or the False Claims Act, among others.  Subscribers will find a summary of the action and resolution, as well as related documents, such as corporate integrity agreements and complaints, as available.  Most notably, the database categorizes prosecutions by type and risk area, providing insight on the violations that are most often pursued by the federal government.  The benefit of this detailed information, both in long-term savings and responsible corporate conduct, is invaluable.

The Government Prosecutions Database provides easy-to-use tools that assist subscribers in maximizing their subscription.  Subscribers may search the database in a number of ways, including the Year of Agreement; Defendant(s); Type of Product; Product(s); Agreement Type; Alleged Violation; CIA Obligations; DPA/NPA Obligations; Risk Area: Anti-Kickback; Risk Area: False Claims; and Risk Area: Off-Label.  Subscribers also may perform general text searches to find exactly the information they require.

Other helpful tools include an Updates Feature, which informs subscribers of the date of their last log-in, as well as the number of updates added since that date, and a Resources section, which provides various resources related to government prosecutions.

If you are interested in a demonstration of the Government Prosecutions Database or other PorzioLS offerings, please contact us at 877.477.7411 or info@porziols.com.

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