Distribution Licensing

Streamlining the Process

Organizations encounter numerous challenges in obtaining and maintaining state and federal distribution licenses.

Companies must complete complex initial licensing and renewal forms with variable requirements and guidelines. These challenges are compounded as businesses change - a new location or change in officers - two of the many circumstances that mandate license amendments.

PorzioLS has streamlined licensing to ensure compliance. We monitor jurisdictional requirements and changes to licensure forms. 

With experience in licensing projects with diverse scopes, business models and timelines, our Distribution Licensing Team assists manufacturers and distributors in many ways:

  • Identifying jurisdictional and federal requirements related to your business model
  • Preparing, reviewing and filing of applications through all licensing bodies
  • Tailoring applications to distribution models - trade product, device and sample distribution
  • Ensuring compliance with requisites and prerequisites, including bonding, fingerprinting, licenses to do business, and testing of designated personnel 

We are in constant contact with state and federal licensing agencies, further assuring a timely application process.

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