Distribution Licensing

Porzio Life Sciences helps life sciences companies handle all aspects of state and federal licensing for the distribution of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

We understand the complexities in obtaining and maintaining these licenses from initial licensing to renewal forms with variable requirements. Our team monitors jurisdictional requirements and changes to licensure forms and helps companies who are adding locations or chancing officers, which are just two of the many circumstances that mandate license amendments.

How do we help?

Streamline the Licensing Process

Our team streamlines this time-consuming process so that companies don't miss any opportunity to ship and distribute their products. We can handle any licensing project regardless of business model or timeline.

Identify Jurisdictional and Federal Requirements Applicable to Your Business

Our team identifies all applicable requirements and prepares, reviews and files applications through all licensing bodies.

Tailor Applications to Distribution Models

We navigate all circumstances including trade product, device, and sample distribution.

Ensure Compliance

We ensure compliance with requisites and prerequisites, including bonding, fingerprinting, licenses to do business, and testing of designated personnel.

We tackle all of this and stay in constant contact with state and federal licensing agencies to ensure that your applications are processed as efficiently as possible.

Did you know?

Licensing rules vary between trade product and samples, drugs and devices. They also differ based on in-state and nonresident operations. In many jurisdictions, state licenses are required even if the actual manufacture and distribution are outsourced and your company never “touches” the product.



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