Transparency Going Global: How Reporting in the US Matches Up to the O-US Reporting Regime

March 03, 2016

By Chrissy Bradshaw


HCP/HCO interaction transparency is rapidly expanding, both in terms of geography and impacted industries.  Geographically, the global transparency movement now extends throughout Europe and to the Pacific Rim.  From an industry standpoint, the movement has expanded well beyond legend pharmaceuticals, becoming more prevalent in the medical device industry and beginning to gain acceptance in the European generics industry. 

Learn what this global movement means to your company's compliance practices.  This important webinar covers, among other topics: 

  • A high-level overview of US Sunshine reporting; 
  • A review of the key O-US reporting regimes; 
  • A helpful breakdown of how US reporting is similar to, and differs from, O-US reporting; and 
  • How you can leverage your US reporting experience/resources to meet the growing trend of O-US reporting requirements. 

Chrissy N. Bradshaw, Vice President
Brian P. Sharkey, Vice President

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