Porzio Life Sciences International Transparency Update: Transparence-Santé To Be Updated January 30

January 18, 2023

By Porzio Life Sciences

The French Ministry of Solidarity and Health recently announced that the Transparence-Santé database, the web services of the Transparency-Health tool, will be updated on Monday, January 30, 2023. 

The list of functional changes to be made to the newest version of the Transparence-Santé can be found here using the password:  MAJ_transparence-sante_01-2023  

System enhancements include improvements to the copy/paste functionality, and a new display for compared values and information from the Health Directory for beneficiaries entered with a RPPS/ADELI number.  Updates also include: 

  • "Country:" the DOM/TOM will be deactivated and will be declared under the country "France," 
  • "Profession:" two reference codes have been updated to correspond to the nomenclature of the Health Directory, to allow these professionals to be declared with their RPPS or ADELI number:
    • Dental assistant: deactivation of the ADE code for activation of code 31,
    • Hearing aid professional: deactivation of code 05 for activation of code 26. 

Upgrades can be tested, before using them on the official website, here.  

The documentation is downloadable from the FAQ tab is updated with each new version of the tool. 

For more information, support can be reached at TRANSPARENCY-SANTE-SUPPORT@sante.gouv.fr 

For more information on the French reporting requirements, please see the France Transparency section of the Porzio Compliance Digest.

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