Sunshine Abroad: Do Start Believin' - The Global Transparency Journey for the Life Sciences Industry

October 02, 2014

In this course, Brian Sharkey will discuss this trend toward more transparency in ex-US countries and  In keeping with this webinar's theme of the journey the life sciences industry is on towards global transparency, the presenter, Brian Sharkey, will honor the spirit of the band Journey's signature hit, Don't Stop Believin', throughout the session.  He will examine the growing global transparency movement and the imposition of more financial reporting requirements on life sciences companies with respect to their interactions with HCPs and other actors in the healthcare field. 

Specifically, the webinar will focus on:

  • European legislative developments 
  • EFPIA's Disclosure Code and its implementation by EFPIA's 33 national member associations
  • Adoption of new pharmaceutical reporting requirements in the Pacific Rim and Australia

To watch the webinar, please click the video below:

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