NJ Biz: Porzio Life Sciences launches transparency reporting platform

April 05, 2021

By Gabrielle Saulsbery

Morristown-based Porzio Life Sciences launched a platform to enable life sciences companies to satisfy their spend transparency reporting obligations in the United States and 46 additional countries on April 5.

Porzio Global Spend Transparency Version 5.0 allows the reporting for 47 countries, from the Physician Payments Sunshine Act and other regulations around the world, via a single platform. It automates and manages that reporting process so that companies can collect, manage and report data; and according to Porzio is the only transparency reporting solution to incorporate comprehensive and up-to-date information on global transparency laws. 

“Health care challenges are global. Pharmaceutical sales and marketing efforts are global. The life sciences industry as a whole is global, and the launch of this product reflects our view of the expanding global compliance landscape,” said John Oroho, executive vice president and chief strategy officer at Porzio Life Sciences, in a prepared statement.

“We’re proud to offer a reporting tool that will allow companies to collect, analyze, and leverage their transparency data while simplifying the compliance process in a worldwide regulatory environment that is only getting more complex,” Oroho said.

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