Frank Fazio Quoted In Article on Medical Device Licensing Required by States

September 28, 2012

By Frank Fazio


Frank Fazio, Principal of Porzio, Bromberg & Newman and Vice President of Distribution and Licensing Services of Porzio Life Sciences is quoted in the article "Licensed to Sell" in the IMDA (Independent Medical Distributors Association) e-newsletter.

"Approximately 20 states require distributors of medical devices to be licensed to sell medical devices. More than twice that number require licensure for companies shipping prescription drugs. And while the number of states requiring such licensure has been relatively stable over the past several years, more attention is being paid to the issue."

"Some states have more active enforcement procedures in place than others. In those states, IMDA members might be more prone to get asked by their customers to show proof of licensure. That's because, in those states, not only is it a violation to sell products without a license, it's also a violation to buy from a company that doesn't have one, he says. On the other end, manufacturers may also ask the distributor for proof of licensure, because it is also a violation to sell products to a distributor that doesn't have a license."

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