Porzio Life Sciences provides Aggregate Spend Regulatory Compliance software solutions for Pharmaceutical, Medical Device & Biotech companies comply with Affordable Care Act and Sunshine Act.
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Porzio Pharmaceutical Services, LLC
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March 27, 2015   The MassDEVICE and PorzioLS New England Healthcare Compliance Roundtable
March 18-19, 2015   3rd Annual  CBI Compliance Monitoring Forum
March 11-13, 2015   2015 Synergistix Users Conference
March 8-11, 2015   HDMA 2015 Distribution Management Conference and Expo
March 3-4, 2015  
February 26-27, 2015   DRI Women in the Law Seminar
February 25-26, 2015   CBI Sample Compliance and Reporting Summit
February 24-25, 2015   8th Annual CBI Oncology Commercialization & Market Access
February 18-19, 2015   DIA Marketing Pharmaceuticals 2015: Drug/Device Marketing in an Evolving Environment
February 11-12, 2015   11th Compliance Congress for Medical Device and Diagnostics
February 5-6, 2015   4th CBI Hub Models and Program Design
January 27, 2015   Scientific Publications and Transfer of Value Reporting Webinar
January 20, 2015   2014 Highlights for Promotional Review Professionals: FDA Enforcement and Guidance
December 11-12, 2014   FDLI Introduction to Drug Law and Regulation: The Legal Framework for Drug Regulation
December 11, 2014   Timothy Ayers and Michelle Axelrod Presenting an FDANews Webinar: The FDA Is Watching: What Twitter, Tradeshows and TV Have in Common
December 6-9, 2014   56th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition
November 18-19, 2014   CBI HCP Engagement, Data Validation and Reporting
November 17-20, 2014   European Healthcare Compliance Certification
November 13-14, 2014   CBI 5th Annual West Coast Compliance Congress
November 3-5, 2014
  The 15th Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum
October 30, 2014   9th Porzio Compliance Forum held in held in collaboration with Seton Hall University School of Law's Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law & Policy on Uncharted Compliance Waters.
October 21-22, 2014   CBI International Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress
October 20-22, 2014   ACI 6th Annual Forum on: Sunshine Act, Open Payments, and Aggregate Spend Compliance
October 12-15, 2014   2014 ISPE Annual Meeting
October 6-8, 2014   AdvaMed 2014: The MedTech Conference
October 2, 2014   Brian Sharkey Presenting Do Start Believin': The Global Transparency Journey for the Life Sciences Industry Webinar
September 29-30, 2014   FDLI Advertising and Promotion Conference
September 23-24, 2014   AdvaMed's Compliance Essentials: Implementing An Effective Program
September 16-18, 2014   The Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum
September 14-17, 2014   The 24th Annual Sharing Conference: PDMA, Sunshine Act, OIG and Beyond
September 8-10, 2014   Seton Hall Life Sciences Compliance Program
August 18-20, 2014   8th Annual Forum on Transparency & Aggregate Spend
July 29-31, 2014   Latin American Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum
June 19-20, 2014   CBI's Commercial Compliance Congress
June 13, 2014   National Society of Hispanic MBAs New Jersey 2nd Annual Regional Healthcare Summit
June 9-10, 2014   CBI Publication and Clinical Trial Disclosure Forum
June 2-4, 2014   CBI's Medicaid and Government Pricing Congress
May 20-22, 2014   AdvaMed's Global MedTech Compliance Conference
May 5-7, 2014   International Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum
April 29-30, 2014   CBI's West Coast Medical Education & Research Grants Summit
April 28-29, 2014   CBI's Life Sciences Advisory Board Strategy and Efficiency Summit
April 23-25, 2014   CBI West Coast Transparency and Aggregate Spend
April 9-11, 2014   ACI's 14th National Summit on Reducing Legal Risks in the Sales and Marketing of Medical Devices
April 8-9, 2014   4th CBI Global Transparency Reporting Congress
April 7-9, 2014
  10th Annual Meeting of ISMPP  
March 19-20, 2014   American Conference Institute’s 14th National Pharmaceutical Compliance & Enforcement Forum
March 11, 2014   The Pharmaceutical Compliance Forum Spring 2014 Meeting
March 6, 2014   2014 Disorders of the Spine and Peripheral Nerves Annual Meeting
March 5 – 7, 2014   Synergistix 10th Annual Users Conference
March 5, 2014   Practical Law Company 2nd Annual Life Sciences Law Forum
February 27-28, 2014   DIA Marketing Pharmaceuticals 2014: Regulating Drug Marketing in the Ever-Changing Regulatory/Legal/Healthcare Environment Workshop
February 25, 2014   CBI Oncology Commercialization & Market Access Conference
February 11, 2014   Michelle Axelrod and Timothy Ayers Co-Present The FDA Is Watching Webinar
February 5-7, 2014   Sixth Annual Summit On Disclosure, Transparency And Aggregate Spend For Drug, Device And Biotech Companies
February 3-5, 2014   The 2nd Annual Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit
January 30-31, 2014   CBI's Clinical Data Disclosure and Transparency Conference
January 28-30, 2014   The PorzioLS Team Speaking at CBI's 11th Annual Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress
December 10, 2013   2013 MassDevice Big 100 West
November 12-13, 2013   John Oroho and Frank Fazio spoke and Sandra Gonzalez attended the CBI 4th Annual West Coast Life Science Compliance Congress
November 4, 2013   Porzio Life Sciences sponsored and spoke at AdvaMed MTLI Compliance Matters: Tips and Best Practices for Small and Midsize Companies Program
October 28-30, 2013   John Oroho spoke and Jeffrey Campbell, Scott Liebman, Christine Bradshaw and Justin Hallberg attended the Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum
October 18, 2013   8th Porzio Compliance Forum held in collaboration with Seton Hall University School of Law's Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law & Policy on Small and Mid-Sized Life Sciences Companies Still Face Big Issues - Minimizing the Risks
October 16-18, 2013  
October 14-17, 2013   John Oroho and Elizabeth Kim spoke at Seton Hall Law School’s Healthcare Compliance Certification Program
October 12-17, 2013   John Patrick Oroho spoke at The American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s 2013 Annual Meeting
October 10-11, 2013   Michelle Axelrod and Scott Liebman spoke at the ACOs and Industry: The Collaboration Imperative Program
October 7-9, 2013   Christine Bradshaw and Justin Hallberg spoke at ACI’s 5th Annual Sunshine Act Compliance & Aggregate Spend Reporting Forum
October 7-8, 2013   Michelle Axelrod and Jennifer Romanski spoke at and Elizabeth Kim and Kenneth Meyers attended CBI’s Promotional Compliance Conference
September 29 – October 2, 2013   Scott Liebman spoke and John Oroho, Frank Fazio and Frank Minichetti attended the Signs of Compliance: 2013 PDMA Sharing Conference
September 28 – October 2, 2013   Jennifer Romanski attended 2013 RAPS: The Regulatory Convergence Conference
September 23-25, 2013   Michelle Axelrod spoke and Jeffrey Campbell, Ed Crowe and Frank Fazio attended the AdvaMed 2013 MedTech Conference
September 16-17, 2013   Christine Bradshaw, Elizabeth Kim and Sandra Gonzalez Attended the Food and Drug Law Institute’s Advertising & Promotion Conference
September 10-12, 2013   Elizabeth Kim spoke at the Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress And Best Practices Forum
September 10, 2013   Brian Sharkey Presented a Webinar on Evaluating Global Regulations & Transparency Trends
August 19-21, 2013   John Oroho, Christine Bradshaw and Justin Hallberg spoke at and Jeffrey Campbell, Kenneth Meyer and Sandra González attended the Sunshine & Aggregate Spend Forum
August 14, 2013   Sarah Canberg and Jennifer Romanski Spoke on an ISMPP U: The Sun is Shining Upon Us: The Sunshine Act and Medical Publications Webinar Panel
July 16, 2013   Michelle Axelrod and Ed Crowe spoke at and Jennifer Romanski and Elizabeth Kim attended The MassDevice Big 100 East
July 10-13, 2013   Ed Crowe Spoke at the International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques
June 24, 2013  
June 21-25, 2013   Ed Crowe Attended the American Diabetes Association 73rd Scientific Sessions
June 20, 2013   Scott Liebman Moderated a 2013 East Region National Society of Hispanic MBA Healthcare Summit Panel
June 19, 2013   Elizabeth Kim and Anne Wagstaff Presented a Webinar on Navigating State Distribution Licensing Requirements
June 9-11, 2013   Frank Fazio Spoke at the 2013 IMDA Conference & Manufacturers Forum
June 5-6, 2013   Scott Liebman Spoke at and Brian Sharkey Attended the CBI's ABAC 2013 – Global Third Party Diligence, Audit and Oversight
June 4-5, 2013   Kenneth Meyer and Ed Crowe Attended the CBI's 9th Annual Medical Device and Diagnostics Compliance Congress
May 21-23, 2013   John Oroho Spoke at and Jeffrey Campbell, Brian Sharkey and Christine Bradshaw Attended the 7th International Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum in Madrid
April 16-19, 2013   John Oroho Attended the Concur Fusion 2013 Conference
April 16-19, 2013   Scott Liebman Attended TEDMED 2013
April 15-17, 2013   Ed Crowe Attended the MDMA 2013 Annual Meeting
April 23-25, 2013   John Oroho, Brian Sharkey, Christine Bradshaw & Justin Hallberg Spoke at CBI’s 4th Annual West Coast Forum on Sunshine and Aggregate Spend
April 10-11, 2013   Jeffrey Campbell, John Oroho and Brian Sharkey Attended CBI’s 3rd Global Transparency Reporting Congress
March 19-20, 2013   Sarah Canberg to Attend CBI’s Compliance Monitoring Programs
March 13, 2013   The Sunshine Act: Lawline CLE Webinar
March 11-13, 2013   Scott Liebman and Sandra González Attended ACI’s Latin America Summit on Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Regulatory Compliance
March 5-6, 2013   Scott Liebman Spoke at the 1st Annual Life Sciences Law Forum
March 3-6, 2013   Frank Fazio Attended the HDMA Distribution Management Conference
February 26-27, 2013   John Oroho and Scott Liebman Attended CBI’s 5th Annual Life Sciences Forum on Speaker Program Management
February 20-21, 2013   Jennifer Romanski and Elizabeth Kim Attended DIA Marketing Pharmaceuticals 2013 Conference
February 19-21, 2013   PLS Attended PCF's 5th Annual Summit on Disclosure for Drug, Device and Biotech Companies
February 14, 2013   Webinar: Transparency Forecast: Sunshine Ahead!
January 29-30, 2013   The PorzioLS Team Spoke at CBI's 10th Annual Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress
November 28-29, 2012   PorzioLS Attended the CBI Third Annual West Coast Life Sciences Compliance Congress
November 12-16, 2012   John Oroho Attended the Certificate in Healthcare Compliance Ethics & Regulation Conference
November 5-7, 2012  
October 26-30, 2012   Elizabeth Kim and Danielle Burke Attended 2012 Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society: The Regulatory Convergence
October 24-27, 2012   Ed Crowe Attended the North American Spine Society's 27th Annual Meeting
October 11-12, 2012   Jennifer Romanski Spoke at CBI's 14th Annual Forum on Off-Label Guidelines
October 8-11, 2012   Elizabeth Kim Spoke at Healthcare Compliance Certification Program
October 6-10, 2012   Ed Crowe Attended the Congress of Neurological Surgeons' Annual Meeting
October 1-2, 2012   Jennifer Romanski and Elizabeth Kim Attended FDLI's Advertising & Promotion Conference
October 2, 2012   Michelle Axelrod Spoke on Sunshine Compliance at AdvaMed Conference
September 19-21, 2012   Porzio Life Sciences Attended Maryland PDMA Sharing Conference 
August 30, 2012   Webinar: Prescription Drug Sample Transparency Regulations
August 14-16, 2012   John Patrick Oroho Spoke at Aggregate Spend Forum
August 14-16, 2012   Porzio Life Sciences Team Attended CBI's 6th Annual Sunshine and Aggregate Spend Forum
July 10, 2012   Michelle Axelrod and Ed Crowe Spoke at MassDevice Big 100
June 11-14, 2012   Elizabeth Kim Spoke at Healthcare Compliance Certification Program
June 4-8, 2012   Jeff Campbell Attended Paris Compliance Program
May 21-22, 2012   Michelle Axelrod Spoke on Transparency Strategies
May 14-16, 2012   John Oroho Spoke at Aggregate Spend Forum in Budapest
May 8-11, 2012   John Oroho Spoke at Concur Fusion 2012
April 16-17, 2012   Porzio Life Sciences Hosted Workshop at West Coast Aggregate Spend Forum
March 25-28, 2012   Fourth Annual Summit on Disclosure
March 25-28, 2012   2012 Pharma Meeting Management Forum
February 28-29, 2012   CBI Global Transparency Reporting Congress
February 16-17, 2012   DIA Marketing Pharmaceuticals 2012
February 15, 2012   John Oroho and Belinda Zinicola of Concur Hosted Sunshine Webinar
January 24-25, 2012   CBI's 9th Annual Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress
January 18, 2012     Compliance 101 Webcast Hosted by Vice President Scott Liebman
November 14, 2011   Michelle Axelrod Conducted Workshops during 2nd Annual Life Sciences Compliance Boot Camp
October 25, 2011   Ingrid Pelzer Participated in Seton Hall Law School's Alternative Careers Panel
October 16 -18, 2011   DDMAC and Other Enforcement Actions Subject of Presentation at Off-Label Conference
October 14, 2011   Seventh Annual Porzio Compliance Forum 
September 25-28, 2011   The PDMA Alliance Hosted 2011 PDMA Sharing Conference in San Antonio, TX
September 19, 2011   Fair Market Value Subject of New York CLE Program
August 17, 2011   CBI Hosted its 5th Annual Tracking State Laws and Aggregate Spend Forum
July 14, 2011   “Future of Healthcare:  Compliance” Program Topic of PA Consulting Group’ Complimentary Breakfast Seminar.
June 21-22, 2011   CBI’s 2nd Annual Life Sciences Forum on Social Media Regulations and Compliance Conference
May 24, 2011 at 12:00pm EDT   “You’ve Been Warned: Examining DDMAC Promotional Violations” Webinar
Presented by Porzio Life Sciences’ Jennifer A. Romanski, JD
May 6, 2011   PorzioLS’ John Patrick Oroho Hosted Aggregate Spend Audio Conference
March 9, 2011   3rd Annual National Disclosure Summit
January 24, 2011   CBI's 8th Annual Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress

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